Sunday, May 24, 2015

Booked 4 Murder in Sun City West

Synopsis:  Booked 4 Murder   

The Booked 4 Murder book club in Sun City West, Arizona, was a great place for retirees to get caught up in mystery, suspense and murder. But when members of the club started dying mysteriously after reading their latest selection of the month, book club member Harriet Plunkett calls upon her daughter Sophie (Phee) to fly out west and solve the mystery before they’re all dead. After all, Phee’s been employed by the Mankato, Minnesota, police department for over a decade. Never mind the fact that she works in accounts receivable.

            Phee hops on a plane expecting to put a stop to her mother’s obsession with a so-called book curse. What she finds instead are five unexpected deaths and an attempted murder. Forced by her mother to navigate through the events, she quickly gets caught up with the quirky residents of Sun City West who send her on more wild goose chases than she ever imagined. From the Mah Jongg club to the rec center pool, she quickly learns that in order to solve this mystery before the next book club meeting, she’ll need to take on a few disguises of her own. With each new lead, she reinvents herself in order to piece together the jumble of information that holds the answer to the book curse.  

            As the book club meeting gets closer and closer, the members are petrified to attend for fear that they will be the next ones to succumb. Fortunately, Phee has found a key piece of evidence that will prove once and for all that there never was a curse – the marketing strategy behind the book itself.  As its little known author begins to hit the best seller list, bolstered by the local librarian, Phee realizes that some people will stop at nothing to get what they want.

            She has no recourse but to come face to face with those who were responsible for the deaths. And what better venue than the book club meeting itself. Armed with evidence and a giant whiteboard, Phee is prepared to show the entire community what has been going on. What she doesn’t count on is the outrageous media circus that has followed her to the meeting. With reporters from all of the national news stations and the top reality TV star, Vivian Knowlton, from Psychic Divas, Phee must pull up every trick on record to make her case and end the book curse.

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