About JC Eaton

J.C. Eaton is the pen name for the collaborative writing team of Ann I. Goldfarb and James E. Clapp. Together they juggle three unique series of cozy mysteries, all with quirky characters and a zillion twists and turns. Learn more on their website - https://www.jceatonmysteries.com
From analytical Sophie "Phee" Kimball to impulsive Norrie Ellington and sassy Marcie Rayner, they've got a sleuth for all tastes!  

While Ann is a seasoned author in her own right, having eight published YA time travel mysteries to her credit, James, a former winery tasting room manager, has focused on non-fiction with informative blurbs on the wine industry. This unlikely author duo found common ground when they moved to Arizona and realized that the community they were living in was the perfect background for murder mysteries.

Ann admits that she’s definitely “the detail person” while James is more comfortable with plotline and the big ideas. Running the dialogue is their favorite pastime in this venture.

J.C. Eaton is represented by Dawn Dowdle of the Blue Ridge Literary Agency in Lynchburg, Virginia.


  1. The Sophie Kimball Mystery Series is up and running with BOOKED 4 MURDER & DITCHED 4 MURDER. STAGED 4 MURDER comes out in June, 2019 followed by BOTCHED 4 MURDER. The Wine Trail Mysteries begin in March, 2019 with A RIESLING TO DIE.

  2. Loking forward to reading more of your stories...thanks again, Ann Goldfarb and James Clapp for your fine collaboration on your murder mystery stories. Keep up the good work. thanks. Sherri Kramerson