Thursday, March 29, 2018

If Riesling Is A White Wine, Why Does The Cover Show A Red Wine?

A RIESLING TO DIE came on the market yesterday and readers have asked us why the cover shows a red wine instead of a white wine, since Riesling is a white wine. Great question!  Since this is the first book in the Wine Trail Mystery series, the cover is reflective of the series. Therefore, it also showcases two of the quirkier characters in the book - Charlie the hound and Alvin the goat!

Readers will quickly learn that Riesling is indeed white but everything is not as it seems in the bucolic community set on Seneca Lake. We hope you'll join our reluctant sleuth, Norrie Ellington, as she tries to figure out who put the dead body in her Riesling vineyards.

And readers, thanks for reaching out to us! 

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