Wednesday, July 3, 2019

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Great news! We have a new website in conjunction with this blog-site. Please check it out!

Who's in the Spotlight in the Sophie Kimball Mysteries?

Since many of our readers reside in Sun City West, Arizona, and surrounding cities, they often ask which areas, clubs, and activities are featured in each of our novel. So... to give you the breakdown, we've created this handy list. Enjoy! 

Please note: Phee, Harriet, Streetman, and the book club ladies, not to mention Herb and his pinochle crew, will continue with their antics as our series continues to unroll. Thanks for bringing them into your lives.

Who’s in the Spotlight in the Sophie Kimball Mysteries?

J.C. Eaton’s cozy mystery series is set in Sun City West, Arizona. With the exception of the first novel, BOOKED 4 MURDER, which introduced readers to the Sun City West senior retirement community, each subsequent novel focuses on a few different clubs, activities and/or places. Here goes:

BOOKED 4 MURDER: Dog Park, RH Johnson Pool, Bingo, Sun City West Library, local restaurants, local streets, Sun City Library, Posse Office, Stardust Theater, and local independent living complexes. 

DITCHED 4 MURDER: Local restaurants, Sun City West and Sun City Grand, White Tanks Regional Park, Dog Park, Surprise restaurants

STAGED 4 MURDER: Stardust Theater, Kunetz Rec Center, RH Johnson Bowling Alley, Dog Park, Surprise restaurants

BOTCHED 4 MURDER: Bocce courts, Hillcrest Golf Course, RH Johnson Social Hall, Dog Park

MOLDED 4 MURDER: Clay and ceramic clubs, local independent living facility, Sun City West restaurants and neighborhoods, Dog Park, Beardsley Rec Center, Geocaching  Release date – August 27, 2019

DRESSED UP 4 MURDER: Dog Park, Phoenix restaurants, Sun City West neighborhoods Release date – March 2020 

BROADCAST 4 MURDER: Broadcast club, Pickleball Club, Creative Stitchers, Rip ‘N Sew, Men’s club, euchre club, Dog Park, Beardsley Rec Center Release date TBD

RAILROADED 4 MURDER: Model Railroad Club, Rhythm Tappers, Dog Park, club rooms, RH Johnson Social Hall, Beardsley Rec Center Release date TBD

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Looks like one of PINOT RED or DEAD?'s latest fans is a cute orange feline! One of our readers sent in this photo and we just had to share it!

Monday, May 6, 2019

At the mystery writer author and fan conference known as Malice Domestic 31, held in Bethesda, MD, this past weekend, we were able to meet with our Kensington editor, Tara Gavin, our agent Dawn Dowdle from Blue Ridge Literary Agency, and our Kensington publicists Larissa Ackerman and Michelle Addo. What a fantastic experience!!!

Left to right are: Tara Gavin, Dawn Dowdle, Mary Marks (author), Michelle Addo, Larissa Ackerman, Valerie Burns (author V.M. Burns), Sherry Harris (author), Ann Goldfarb (J.C. Eaton), James Clapp, (J.C. Eaton)

We've just returned from Malice Domestic 31, an author and fan conference, held in Bethesda, MD, each year. With amazing panels, super presentations, book signings, and an Agatha Award banquet, this was one incredible event. Shown below is a photo of The Cozy Mystery Crew, a Facebook group of cozy authors who chat with readers daily and offer giveaways and neat events. Seated are: James Clapp (J.C. Eaton), Ann Goldfarb (J.C. Eaton), Libby Klein.  Standing are: Tina Kashian, Valerie Burns (V.M. Burns), Linda Reilly, and Shari Randall (Agatha Winner! )